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Hypnotherapy Services

We specialise in providing support to our clients in relation to:

Anxiety Management

We also assist individuals experiencing specific issues related to anxiety such as:

Our services are offered on a session basis or as a package. Our packages are built to promote the development of new and positive long-lasting changes in our behaviour.

Do you require 24/7 access to hypnotherapy services? We've got you covered. Access our online library from anywhere and at your own convenience.

Hypnotherapy for Stress Management


Stress is a natural reaction that we experience when we feel threatened or under pressure. Stress also has the ability to motivate us to achieve that which we desire or need.

Stress is experienced by every single individual in some way however, each individual may respond to it in different ways. For some individuals stress shows as a feeling of anger or irritation, some people may find difficulties concentrating or it may impact their self-confidence and self-esteem and for some other people stress may manifest by feeling exhausted, carrying tension in the body or having constant headaches to mention some symptoms.

Although a normal process, stress may become problematic and harm our health when it is experienced for a sustained period of time.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy aims to develop new ways to interact and to respond to the stressor in new and more healthy ways than before. This is possible once a deep level of relaxation has been achieved and the hypnotherapist is able to engage with the subconscious mind and "suggest" different ways to interact with the stressful situation.

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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias


Fears may seem scary and threatening but in reality fear is a human emotion that is design to keep us safe. To some extent, fear is that force that keep us away from harm. Fears can be used as a defence mechanism to avoid some unpleasant situations.

Phobias, on the other hand, are irrational fears that arise from learnt patterns of behaviour or from traumatic experiences and they are more intense than fears. Phobias manifest in our body in different ways as we may experience palpitations, sweating, difficulty breathing or they may even prevent us from leaving home for example. Phobias become problematic when they impact our daily lives and routines.

How can hypnotherapy help?

The hypnotherapist will seek to communicate with the subconscious mind once a state of deep relaxation has been achieved followed by a process to help the client develop a healthier way to react to the phobic object or situation.

This is accomplished by working towards gaining a greater understanding of the root of the phobia and what triggers the phobic reaction in a controlled and safe manner and only when the client is ready to undertake this activity.

Hypnotherapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


The National Health Service defines Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as "an anxiety disorder caused by very stressful, frightening or distressing events". [1]

Someone with PTSD often relives the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks, and may experience feelings of isolation, irritability and guilt. [1]

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can be used to instil a sense of calm and help someone dealing with PTSD regain a sense of control over their life.  A Meta-Analysis study realised in 2015 highlighted that hypnosis appears to be successful in alleviating symptoms of PTSD. [2] [3]

Calm Sea

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Chopping Coriander

Weight management issues are common and to some extent have become familiar to us all. The World Health Organisation stated that obesity has tripled since 1975. In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 650 million were obese. [4]

Obesity in the United Kingdom follows a similar trend. The OECD Health Statistics database collates data on obesity from different countries. The analysis of this data showed that the United Kingdom ranked tenth country with the highest obesity percentage (28%) of the countries analysed. [5]

How can hypnotherapy help?

Losing weight is difficult and frustrating but the benefits of decreasing your weight outweigh the effort required to achieve the desired weight reduction. At Sui Cura Therapies, we support our clients to identify the habits and automated responses that promote weight gain and will assist our clients to change them.
We work with our clients to tackle the underlying forces that prompt them to eat that extra food; we will help them to forge a new relationship with food, to favour healthy food and to boost motivation to achieve their desired weight.

There is no easy way to reduce weight and the weight reduction programme requires a willingness to put in the effort.  If you are committed to this path, we welcome you into a journey of self-discovery that will help you to achieve your desired weight.

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